Nature in a glass


JustLiv is a fortified green tea powder blended with the dynamic and magical properties of matcha green tea, spirulina, and collagen peptides.

Three natural and potent ingredients = awakening your mind and body for a healthy and lifelong journey to well-being.

Hot or cold, water or almond milk, create your glass of JustLiv just the way you like it.

Because at the end of the day, we can all JustLiv!

Small Steps

Lifelong Impact

Drinking JustLiv everyday has the power to help you:

Skyrocket your energy levels so you can tackle your to-do list 24/7.
Burn more calories so you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
Detox your body from harmful toxins.
Replenish your body with mouth-watering nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
Transform your body and balance your mind.
JustLiv to your heart’s content.

get ready…

It Starts Now

So what are you waiting for? JustLiv is the healthiest, most natural elixir you’ll ever need to drink.

Why? It’s simple. It’s like drinking nature in a glass.



Contains some of the highest antioxidant levels compared to any other superfood in the world.



One of the most nutrient dense foods on earth, a complete protein for your mind and body to truly thrive.


Marine Collagen peptides

Ensures elasticity and regeneration for your skin, hair, bones, joints, and so much more.


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