Why JustLiv?

Buddha once said…

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle
for awakening, treat it with care.”

Hey, I’m Jennifer!

Every morning, each system has a totally different story to tell.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I see my body like it belongs to someone else. Sounds silly right? I kinda like to think of the different systems in my body as checking in for duty.

My story

Before JustLiv, my body was exhausted, stressed, and performing at a low frequency level. With blood sugar levels spiking and dropping, recurring stomach pains, and dizzy spells I knew enough was enough.

It was time to say goodbye to coffee and my daily dose of caramel, vanilla, white chocolate, and sugar. I stepped up and made the necessary changes to JustLiv the way I know I needed to.

The change started with my discovery of matcha powder and its magical properties. The smooth richness from mixing almond milk and water over ice was the wake-up call I needed to send a message to my body.

After extensive research on the benefits of matcha, I wondered why the rest of the world wasn’t drinking more of this life-changing powder.

Soon after, I came across spirulina and knew I was fueling my body with the most nutritious superfood on the planet first thing in the morning. I dove headfirst into my busy day with more momentum and vitality than ever before.

With even more research on how to care for my aging self, I wanted to go beyond a happy tummy and calmer focus. I wanted to take special care of my skin, hair, joints, and the “glue” that holds our bodies together too.

The answer? Pure marine collagen peptides and the essential benefits it has on our bodies when consumed on a regular basis. With these three discoveries blended together into a natural, fortified powder, JustLiv was born.

As part of my regular morning routine, JustLiv is the first thing I drink while stretching, breathing, and feeling grateful for all the amazing things in my life.

I love the ritual of a morning drink as much as what’s in the glass everyday. Today, and for each new day moving forward, I honor and give my body what it deserves— ingredients and superfoods that truly transform our minds and bodies. And all it takes is a simple glass of JustLiv.

“And I said to my body… Softly… I want to be your friend.
It took a long breath and replied, I have been waiting my whole life for this”

– Nayyirh Waheed

Together, we’ve got this!

We live in such a fast-paced world where getting “healthy” seems impossible, or there’s a million barriers standing in our way. But if we keep showing up, making it a priority, and manage it on a daily basis with small yet intentional decisions, we’ve laid down the foundation.

Taking care of yourself means feeding your body what it needs in the most natural way possible. You don’t have to do a complete 180 degrees with your life. Make it easy for yourself, because change doesn’t need to be all-or-nothing.

At the end of the day, we all need to JustLiv.

Start small. Go at your own pace. Trust your newfound gut. The first step is often the hardest, but after that the sky’s the limit.
JustLiv is the perfect elixir your body’s been longing for. It’s nature in a glass. It nourishes, refuels, and repairs your body so it can continue to run at its peak performance.
Be kind to yourself and your body. Treat your body with the nutrients you know it needs. Choose JustLiv, because JustLiv makes it easier and simpler to start living your best life.


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